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The Truth About Boxes

Sometimes https://www.flashmoving.net/local-moving/ hear from potential customers: “We will buy the boxes ourselves…”. What exactly are the boxes? How many will be needed? We share our experience in this matter. 1. Provide boxes of different sizes in advance. Optimal sizes of boxes for moving: 40*30*30*cm – for dishes, books and other heavy and fragile items. 60*40**30 […]

Moving Tips for People with Attention Disabilities

For people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/commercial-movers/ can be not only stressful, but a truly overwhelming task! However, don’t be in a hurry to panic about the upcoming event – take a deep breath and consider that many people with attentional disabilities have successfully moved, and you can too. We’ve put […]

In more detail – what damage is caused by improper transport

Unexpected situations can occur during transport: for example, the washing machine may be too heavy and unprofessional movers may drop it. The machine may bump against the walls or elevator doors, and if improperly positioned and transported may break the internal mechanisms, as well as damage the drum, drain pump and other elements. Let us […]

Mirror packing rules

Some people believe in omens, where a chip on a mirror can bring serious trouble. However, even if we discard all superstitions, a damaged item will not please its owner in any case. Best packers and movers know professionally how to handle mirrors during transportation. But a simple layman can easily make critical mistakes, which […]


It is not enough to properly pack and pack things. Marking will help to make the process of unpacking things in a new house as easy as possible. If there are no special fields for marking on the boxes you have purchased, then do not be too lazy to put marks yourself. The more detailed […]

Proper packing for moving

So, you have to move. The date has been set, cars and movers have been ordered. It’s time to start the most time-consuming part of the move – packing things. It would seem that the matter is simple, but in reality you need to take into account a lot of points. After all, it is […]

Moving during renovation

So repair. You made up your mind and started preparing. We ordered a design project. Got the bill in order. Approved engineering plans. We found a company or a team of workers who are ready to entrust the transformation of the apartment. Well, it seems that the preparatory stage is almost completed and it will […]

Cleaning and moving – what comes first?

Do you want to free up your time and energy by entrusting the cleaning of your new apartment to professionals? Although we do not provide cleaning services, we know from the experience of our clients that you will face the question of ordering cleaning before or after the move. It depends on several factors, let’s […]