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Say it not to the hearing of the weak minds…

The chirping songs of the old bird..with grieving tunes that rattles even the brave and wise alike.

Eju bejuailo salutes!

The dignity and bravery of Ata’s long trek in hunting expeditions.

The drench of rainfall touch not even as the torrential tide hobnobs!

Eternal hunting expeditions in absolute solitude..

The memories of the pacting hugs that immortalises an Ata lies in the hope of recreative and regenerative solace..

All hail Agabaidu..Onu Oko kima cheji..

Éla utógba kima momi ébu n.

The good shepherd with colorful flocks of diverse numenclature..

Our solace…the believe that Ata lives!
Igala lives!
Ata Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni 11 just transited to reconcile his kingdom with the essentials for a greater Igala Kingdom.

A huge loss it was!

His subjects though mourning, are restrengthened by his epochal and unbeatable leadership feat!

He was legendary!

Articulate and calculative!

The royal ambience that graced his Papal entrance actually deified him in every moves he made to restore the Igala lost territory!

I’m lost but could be found once again in the euphoria of his unwavering stance for a new Igala Kingdom!

Eureka..Ajaokuta,Lokoja, Kotonkarfe and Etteh now fully under the Overlordship of his Majesty!

Decorate me with presidential vivendi with the glamorous insignias as much as eight years in Aso Rock, I would rather go with my land!
My land,Oh My father land!

His Royal
Majesty, Ata Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni 11, was a great HERO of innumerable and immeasurable feat!

Ata Akpoli!
Ubi ókó kiya leñw ki dógané omi !

Eju Gwa ATA Gabaidu..
Ata unékpé ki nekpo …
Uwo kima jé atégwu!

Ata deju..ubóla Igala…
Ata lotoko ódé…Ényó Igala iche otila.

Ójó Gwa ATA Gabaidu
Eju Gwa ATA Gabaidu
Ocheje gwa Ata ógahioooo..

Rt Hon Chief Ojoachele Akor Felix
Speaker Igala Youth Leaders Assembly,IYLA.


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