Babajide Otitoju on Kogi governorship legal tussle:

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We shouldn’t be going to court for our elections, you can imagine how the incumbent will be feeling now, while awaiting the final court judgement, definitely he won’t be focused on his electoral promises while he still battling with court litigation. If our election is credible why the need for forensic examination of ballot papers

During the tribunal judgement, the majority judgement does not give any credence to the forensic examination, which should also be part of the evidence. Many people feels it is only the PDP that is under tension, but for me even Governor Yahaya Bello is under much pressure because of these forensic examination which was not giving any regards at the tribunal court.

Nobody can trust our electoral processes, because it is always marred by violence and most of the time our politicians wants to win at all cost, not considering so many lives that might be lost in the process.

We need to improve our electoral processes, imagine in India where they have a larger population, their election is always free and fair, you can’t rig an election in India and South Africa whereas rigging is the order of the day in Nigeria elections. We should move pass these rigging elections, we can borrow the ideas of the Indians, and with these ideas then we can conduct free and fair elections in Nigeria and there will be no need for any court litigation again.

What do you make of Babajide’s opinion as regards borrowing the Indians ideas in conducting a free and fair elections in Nigeria?

Will the supreme court rule on the forensic examination or will also be ignored?

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