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Cleaning and moving – what comes first?

Do you want to free up your time and energy by entrusting the cleaning of your new apartment to professionals? Although we do not provide cleaning services, we know from the experience of our clients that you will face the question of ordering cleaning before or after the move. It depends on several factors, let’s figure it out together. By the way, if you plan to carry out general cleaning on your own, this article will also be useful to you.

Cleaning before moving

Apartment after renovation

It doesn’t matter if you bought an apartment with a ready-made finish from the developer or renovated your own home. In such a room, it is definitely better to clean up before moving. The point is the same construction dust, which seems to appear from nowhere long after the completion of the repair, even after several wet cleanings. So that you can avoid this, the cleaners, in addition to standard work, dedust all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. Of course, it is more convenient and efficient to do this before furniture and things appear in the apartment.

Another point is the removal of garbage after repair. Specialists of “Delicate Moving” will take out the garbage after the completion of the work, but only that which was formed directly during the move – used packaging, film, boxes. But it will be necessary to free the premises from construction debris, remnants of finishing materials, old furniture, unnecessary things and other things even before moving. Cleaners or workers who performed repairs can also help with this.

Apartment after rent

Have you rented out your apartment and are going to move into the premises that the tenants have vacated? Much, of course, depends on the cleanliness and conscientiousness of temporary residents. Perhaps the apartment is in order, and you can move without prior preparation. But even if the tenants kept the apartment clean, after their departure, such areas that have not seen cleaning for a long time may “be exposed”. Spaces behind furniture, under household appliances, loggias, pantries will require thorough cleaning before your belongings take this place. Therefore, cleaning before the move would be a smart decision.

The apartment was empty

This situation will arise if you left the apartment empty for a long time. For example, they left for the winter in warm countries or, conversely, lived in the country in the summer. And so we decided to return to the city apartment. In general, the room is clean and you only need to refresh it – wipe the dust, wash the floors, clean up the bathrooms. Such “maintenance” cleaning can be carried out after the move. However, if you were absent for a long time and a lot of dust could accumulate or some additional work is required – for example, to wash the windows – then this time we will advise you to clean before moving.

Cleaning after moving

Rental apartment

If you rent an apartment with furniture and plan to move only your personal belongings into it – clothes, dishes, books, textiles – then light cleaning is enough. You can do it after you move. However, it is worth starting from the condition of the apartment that the owners provide you with. In some cases, a serious clean-up will be required, which is best organized before the transportation of things.

It turns out that in almost all cases we recommend organizing a general cleaning before moving. But what about after it? After all, you need to clean up again!

Right. In our opinion, the optimal solution is to clean the room twice. However, these are fundamentally different tasks.

Prior to the move, the front of work will be voluminous.
Take advantage of the fact that the room is as free as possible (or completely empty). You can quickly and efficiently wash floors and walls, furniture and plumbing, windows and balcony glazing.

After the move, it remains to refresh the apartment. Of course, during the move, some pollution will inevitably appear. But do not worry, our employees work in removable shoes or shoe covers, in clean uniforms. So it is quite possible to organize the cleaning on your own and do without the re-call of the cleaners.
If you decide to call a cleaning service after your move, take your time. As long as the apartment is occupied by orderly rows of boxes, it will be difficult to move around there, and even more so to clean up efficiently. It is better to first calmly assemble and arrange furniture, unpack equipment, disassemble and put things in their places. By the way, our specialists will cope with all these tasks in a matter of hours, saving you a lot of time and effort. And when all the items take their places, new furniture and appliances are delivered, shelves and mirrors are hung – it’s time to polish.

Cleaning and moving at the same time
Some may think that it is a good idea to save time and organize the work of cleaners and movers in parallel. And what, let them wash in one room, and while things are brought into another. Is it convenient? No, this is a very risky undertaking.

Young businesswoman moving box with office supplies

It will be inconvenient for both cleaners and movers to work. Specialists will definitely intersect in the same room and will interfere with each other’s work.
It’s not just a matter of inconvenience, of course. Moving and restoring order will be delayed. For example, some rooms cannot be entered during cleaning or immediately after it (say, while the floors are still wet). And at this time, the movers need to carry boxes around the rooms, assemble and arrange furniture … The initial goal – to save time and quickly move into a finished clean apartment – will definitely not come true.
The quality of work suffers. Just imagine how boxes, packages, bundles are placed on a freshly washed floor … Or, on the contrary, cleaners are trying to clean the floor from traces of repair work, on which there are several dozen boxes …
The issue of liability in case of damage or loss of things can be acute. We are responsible for the work of our employees, including financial responsibility for the safety of your property. However, in a situation where there are third parties in the apartment, it can be difficult to keep track of things. For example, a cleaner can inadvertently touch or drop an expensive TV. Or unsuccessfully rearrange a box with fragile dishes that interfered with cleaning. Who in this case will be responsible for the damage caused to your things?

So, it is better to space out all the work inside the apartment in time. By the way, this applies not only to the moving company and the cleaning service. It is better to conduct Internet or cable TV, call the organizers of the space and any other specialists at different times.

Whatever path you choose, we traditionally wish you an easy and comfortable move to a clean, comfortable apartment.