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Idah, here I came; the Ancient Kingdom with broken hearts!

The accounts of the broken pot seemed intolerable yet was terribly tolerated with unavailing permissive otiose.

At the base of the Papal throne,Ódógó lays in total gloom with squatting indifference to the escaping awe of the realm.

The bastion that lends hope to our hopes of a greater Kingdom has gone on permanent hunting expedition with a great vacuum of no mean measures.

Idah, here I came to behold the sneezing Ódógó whose PRIEST has answered the call of our ancestors with condolence register opened as the dark cloud hovers.

The great Iroko has fallen asleep on the couch of Royal
martyrdom and regal grandeur but left much to be desired as the transition was unexpectedly worrisome.

The many woes associated with endless stings of death stinks as the pangs suffocates the land.

At the Palace lies the hope of a greater Kingdom yet it romances in absolute struggle with dark cloud as the coast remain foggy and uncleared.

The purveyors of power play,our neighbors and detractors are ruminating on the voyage of destructive folly.

Alas! The wisdom of the gods ‘OKWUTÉ’ will surely obviate the dark end of the catastrophic passage of the defied Oracle of the great Igala Kingdom.

Eju Gwa ATA Gabaidu..
Ojoachele Gwa Ata Ojiji akafili..

Ata Ugbaikolo óbóbóló,olo ki manéló n.
Oli ki mané bu n ki yaro tulaka tulaka!

Atoogbo! Atoogbo!! Atoogbo!!!.

Ané Igala Anyógba Chuu….

Keep faith oh ye great people of the noble Kingdom as the sun sets is a set up for a great come back of a new sunrise.

Arise oh ye son’s and daughter’s of the great Igala nation as this shall also pass away with the passage of time.

Gabaidu ojiji akafili,

Rt Hon Chief Ojoachele Akor Felix
Speaker Igala Youth Leaders Assembly,IYLA


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