Edo 2020:Open secret confession by Adams Aliu Oshiomhole to EPM members and Captain Osa

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“I Regret Fighting Obaseki. It Cost me my Job as the Exalted National Chairman of my Party, it caused me my membership of my Party I struggled to setup and build, it Cost me my Goodwill from the People, it Cost me my relationship with the Edo People accross the 3 Senatorial districts especially with the Edo South and Esan Central, it cost me my Integrity, it cost me my Foreign wife as my wife left me for good, it destroyed my relationship with all Traditional Rulers and Monarchs in the entire Edo State, it Cost my younger brother his Political life Opportunity to have been an EDHA member, it Cost Others their Political lifeline and Future, it has damaged my reputation and future Ambitions in Advance and have killed my dream of becoming an Elder-statesman and a godfather….

I regret all my Actions so far bourn out of my unquenchable greed for Absolute Political Power Control and Resource Control, My Quest for Impunities and High-handedness, My High taste for staging Controversial Crises and my Desperation for rebellion, Vengeance and Revenge..

I had always thought of myself as a rugged and dogged Comrade until i was brought down by Obaseki. I was missled, missinformed, geared and Over-hyped by a few that exergerated me with all manner of glorifying names such as Oshioquake, Oshiobulldozer, Oshioscartter and Oshiothunder that got into my head, to the extent that I Boasted that no man Born by a woman will be able to remove me from Office until Obaseki Proved to me he was actually born by a Woman.

As of today he has removed me as National Chairman of my Party, Suspended me from my own Ward which also I can no longer enter or visit today and made me Partiless as I’m no more a member of the APC by the Ractification and Appeal Court Rulling, he has seized all Powers and Party Structures from me and made me Politically and Physically Useless, expired and Redundant.

Now it’s Obvious that GOD, Abuja, the Entire Edo People, the Civilian Masses, Traders, Transporters, Civil Servants, Teachers, Students, Market Women, Diasporans and the Traditional Rulers are all with him and I’ve lost these Desperate Election Projecting One called POI with the Worst descriptive Character, Image, Pasts, Records and history ever known to any Political history..

I was I missled to have fought Obaseki to support a man I had once called a thief, a Prison Returnee, An Acid Bather who poured Acid on another man’s Private Part, A Uniben Rusticated, A Pastor device People, A Pastor in the day and Ak47 in the Night, Occult and a Cultist and how it happened still remains Strange and Mysterious to me but I’m in and stucked with it already.

Though I know we’ve lost, we must pretend and keep fighting and Struggling as though we stand a chance so we’re not taken as Cowards even when we’re losers and have been told Edo will never belong to us to control. One of our most Pain are the monies we’ve expended and wasted and still wasting just to cover-up and hide our heads in Shame and from Disgrace.

Anywhere I go to today within Edo State I’m Booed, laughed and mocked at. Imagine me Rejected by the Bini Chief’s and Enigies and Rejected by the Esan’s and Banished from Uromi Palace and Land”


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