Igala unity in focus

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(A publication in the power point magazine
Vol. 1 No1 page 13 May- June 2002
that gave birth to the book; ” Unity: A Necessity In Nigeria ” along other ethnic injunction ).

Great Igala people, time has come for us to have unity. Igala Kingdom has been one of the existing ethnic groups from time immemorial. It’s time for us to discover the solution of our problems ” the Igala in question ” God has blessed us with a lot of human needs. Unity has been the thing we have been missing right from time.
Igala Kingdom is one of the ancient kingdoms in Nigeria. So, we need to achieve our objectives as a means of ensuing accelerated development of Igala Kingdom. We need to promote all the virtues that unite our people and encourage hand work, diligence, honesty, peaceful coexistence and respect for the rule of law.
There should be mutual respect and love for the people of other local government in our land.
However, unity according to a school of thought means ” oneness or fact of being one or at one “. It is a statement of fact that the prosperity of the entire Igala Kingdom in particular depends on the cooperation and the solidarity of all the groups in the kingdom. We have missed a lot of benefit which are to come to Igala land due to our inability to speak with one voice. For instance, during the creation of States. We were speaking with different voices.
Where is the state of our choice? We missed it.
We were dragging where the state capital should be. Some of us were saying the capital should be either Ankpa, Idah, Dekina and so on.
The mistake we made was we did not think that Igala is one. Not matter the origin you come from. All I am saying now is that we should forget about discrimination on the geographical area we come from. We should abstain from nick- naming one another, describing a peculiar name, in order for us to know that we are one family.
The process of Igala Kingdom development and growth of the land depends on the realization of the positive fact of the popular saying; ” united we stand, divided we fall “. We are all one not matter the town, village or hamlet you come from. It is time for us to eradicate all those hindrances and obstacles blocking our way.

My fellow Igala people before we can withstand other ethnic groups, we need unity. Let our voices be one and let our no be no; let us promote peace in the practice of our culture. Let us renew our ties and let us affirm things that unite us rather than those things that tend to divide us. We need to uphold the ideas of unity and peaceful coexistence.
My dear Igala people without unity we will not achieve any meaningful development in our land. We can see that we have been marginalised because we are not united. Many of our natural resources have been abandoned. Many of our schools have inadequate facilities, so we have no proper education compared to other united ethnic groups in Nigeria.
We have inadequate roads and the few ones are bad not to talk of standard road.
More so, we are lacking many social amanities and other benefits which we have been neglected. We must fight together as one family and ask for our right.

We need to promote values, which would enhance peaceful coexistence in our land. Therefore, we need to eradicate violence and maintain peace in our land. Now, we need to change for the better well being of the Igala people as an ethnic group where peace, love and unity shall abide. So, let us come under one umbrella and be proud that we are Igalas.
Some of us denied ourselves from being an Igala by hidden our identity. For example when you meet an Igala man for assistance and he knows you are an Igala speaking man even though you speak the language, he will not attend to you and may even ignore you.
Great people of Igala land, should this be our doing? We need to love one another and help one another when the need arises, whether you are from Ankpa, Idah, Dekina, Ofu, Ibaji, Omala, Olamaboro, Igalamela e.t.c let’s have mutual relationship within ourselves. When you meet Huasa man or a typical Yoruba man they will be proud to speak their language and also would be happy to see another tribe speaks his language, why can’t we apply the same system?
As a matter of fact, it is repulsive to hear of two Igala indigenous clashing over a matter that can be resolved amicably. It is abhorrent to hear that a notable ethnic group in Nigeria like Igala Kingdom which is supposed to be model of unity has become a home of problem upon problems because of behaviour of some people. Igala has witnessed clashes between towns, villages and hamlets in the land. Some claim they are from Dekina, Ankpa, Idah, Ofu, Ibaji, Omala, Igalamela, Olamaboro e.t.c.
We should try to develop the spirit of love for one another in order for us to have unity.

Further more, no meaningful development can be achieved in an atmosphere of rancor. Every indigene of the Igala Kingdom is under an obligation to promote peace and unity in our land. Local government’s discrimination should be submerged for the interest of the entire Igala land. Nature has blessed Igala land with natural resources, intelligent and gifted sons and daughters. Therefore, any attempt to bring in disintegration will met with retribution because nature is never in league with troubles.

Hence, the kingdom needs unity and coexistence of all Local governments, villages and hamlets in the land. So, we all should be united for the fact the period ahead of us is very challenging as concerted effort should be made in our land for prosperous, united, peaceful and stable environment. We the entire kingdom need to struggle for justice and mercy in order to achieve our objectives; therefore, we need serious prayer on all the issue of our right. We need to call for personal and collective responsibilities and human solidarity.
Therefore, we are being called to action. Decision of magnitude and sustained prayer depending on our religion.

In the nut – shell, let us aim at promoting friendship among ourselves. In order to behave in accordance with terms of the entire Igala Kingdom as well as promoting Igala culture to the International community and also to provide an outstanding positive reflection to the others.

##This extract is to prove that Igala unity has been in existence but needs coherence##

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