Igala Youth Leaders Assembly IYLA Condemns The Attack On Christian Prayer Procession In Anyigba

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The attack on Christian faithful who were on peaceful prayer procession in Anyigba is one sin too many in recent times by hoodlums who have turned Anyigba to slaughter ground where humans life have no meaning.

This latest development reminds us of the recent despicable killings of one Adejoh Akowe last week that threw our land into avoidable mourning by the daredevil in Anyigba and environs.

We call on the appropriate authority to address the incessant killings, assaults and unprovoked attacks in Anyigba and environs to avert further bloodshed by those bloodsucking beast in our land.

We want to warn the sponsors and perpetrators of this darstardly acts to desist from this wickedness henceforth as we will not condone such irresponsibility anymore.

The commissioner of police and other relevant security agencies in the state should carry out investigation into this matter to unravel the mystery behind the unabated crisis in Anyigba.

We know you!
Don’t push us to the wall as our reaction would be disastrous to you and your cohorts…

When the bird of the air chooses to fly without perching, the hunter invariably would shoot without missing.

This should serve as a note of warning to the rogues in Anyigba and their accomplices who believe they can always get away with their unrepentant sins…never!

While we call for calm over the twin attack in Anyigba,we also want to appeal to our youths to as a matter of urgency brace up to deal ruthlessly with those criminal elements in our land to serve as deterrent to others.

Let the leadership of Dekina LG Council take charge now.
Ogohi Anyigba and his council members as well as community leaders in Anyigba,Egume and environs should wade into this crisis now before it gets out of hands.
Enough of this undeserved insults on the collective sensibilities of our people.

Many days for the thief but certainly one day is for the owner.

You had better turned over anew leaf now or continue to try our patience;you can’t beat the music awaiting your self inflicted injuries.We are watching.

To the Christian faithful,we appologise on behalf of all of us who are of course not party to this erratic generational stupidity that played out on Monday morning against the church in Anyigba with the intention to bring to disrepute the body of Christ.

We condemn in strongest terms this unholy assault against the church and our land, we believe that such will not happen again.

Rt Hon Chief Ojoachele Akor Felix, Speaker Igala Youth Leaders Assembly IYLA.


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