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In more detail – what damage is caused by improper transport

Unexpected situations can occur during transport: for example, the washing machine may be too heavy and unprofessional movers may drop it. The machine may bump against the walls or elevator doors, and if improperly positioned and transported may break the internal mechanisms, as well as damage the drum, drain pump and other elements. Let us list the possible breakdowns during improper transportation of the washing machine in addition which are not possible if you ask for help from http://www.flashmoving.net/:

breakage of the drain hose;
if the compartment for the conditioner and powder was not secured, it can fall out and split;
mechanical damage or improper positioning during transportation will break the control panel – the buttons will stop working, the machine will not perform the given commands;
if there is liquid left in the machine, it can get into the mechanisms, electrical wiring of the machine and cause a short circuit when the machine is plugged in;
the hoses and pipes may burst if they are not packed and secured securely to the washer-dryer body;
if the drum is loose, the cuff may burst;
if you have not secured (or have secured incorrectly) the door of your washing machine, it may no longer close properly – you must not operate such a machine under any circumstances;
If there is no packing or sloppy loading, the body of the machine may be damaged – chipping, dents, scratches and other external damage may occur.