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The Igala heritage is one of the oldest in the world.

The heritage was not a creation of man but made by God to fulfill Destiny of the black world in the emerging technological and information age.

The Igala heritage has crossed all huddles of seen and unseen components and have remain undecimated and unperturbed providing leading examples in all spheres of human endeavours.

Professor Gabriel Oyibo is a supersonic dynamic brain whose brain have laid the fanciful technological eggs in the holy grail of science something of some sort that has eluded Albert Einstein and others before his time.

His susposedly award winning hologram and hodograph techniques and formulae have reduced over countless century more-than 120 elements known in chemistry to 1 element penned down as hydrogen atom today.

It was his formula that predefined the unit force after the combination of the four major known forces something many scientists who existed before his birth couldn’t achieve during their own lifetime.

Talking about restoration that is faster than Israelites who laboured for 430yrs under King Pharaoh back to their Israelites homeland through Prophet Moses: you must refer to the one and only traditional and cultural iroko who has gone on a hunting expedition; Dr. Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II who less than four (4 ) years have reclaimed both humans and lands lost to political hegemonic powers of this world to his people amidst glorification and funfare.

Igala would stand tall and walk tall because of purity and unadulteration that are inherent in them as real Nigerians in Nigeria.

It was on our land that Nigeria’s naming ceremony was done by the wife of Lord Lugard; Mrs. Flora Shaw.

No intimidation can get us accosted on our path of self rediscovery and self determination.

We are not conquered race and we always know our consaguinity too well.

Igala Awaaaaaaa!

High Chief Ochedi Udale thank you for the creation of the platform tagged “ROYAL FAMILY ” on facebook that trigged this in me this morning.



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