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The call for rotation of Kogi State Traditional Council’s Seat by EPA and its deponents is not only in bad taste with vexatious innuendo,but a dangerous invitation to anarchy capable of fueling ethnic uprising in the state as it were.

This cancerous aberration with its conjoined evils of inciting the public against the sacred altar of the revered Ata Stool that is as old as the Earth in existence will be resisted with every sense of the word going forward.

A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again;but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.Adeiza, and those in cahoots with this obnoxious doctrine no doubt, are found wanting as their gloomy fate beckon and in negation of wisdom. There is therefore no wisdom in the unimaginably boisterous and clandestinely rancorous calls by EPA given the indisputable historical perspectives and the prevailing political climate that saw Ata Stool as the Sole Occupant of Kogi State Traditional Council of Chief’s Seat.

The criminal call by EPA has not only cast aspersions on this faceless association but had rather affirmed of our doubt as to their capacity to be allowed mantle of leadership by this continuous and internicine drums of war within this transit period of ‘misnomer ‘ and interregnum in our democracy. We need not restate that someday posterity will call to judgements those of you who are albatross of democracy.

_“We seldom realize, for example that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society_ .” ― Alan Wilson Watts

Elementary principles of federalism therefore portends that the majority should take their place, while the minority rights are safeguarded within the purview and confines of the system. Again, the EPA calls for rotation of Chairman of Kogi State Traditional Council not only offends this common sensibilities, but tantamount to insensitivity and irresponsibility.
Very soon, EPA will call for rotation of headship of Ebira Area Traditional Council amongst the Ogori and Igala Chiefs within the political constituency.

It is clear that EPA and their likes are the originators of script which soughts to entrench Ebira leadership dominance in all spheres of Kogi State Government leadership arrangements.
EPA should go back and read the tragic history of the Ian Smith white and apartheid regime in South Africa.The lesson is that oppression of the majority by the minority can only be transient no matter the arsenals of weaponry and forces of coercion.
Someday the packs of cards will fall for good as evil can never triumph over justice.
You can only hate Igala over what she has than love her over what she does not have.

EPA, in their delusional and wildest imagination decided to harp their criminal conspiracies on the wheels of the tenants in Lugard house whose tenure of office is four or at most eight year durations thereby exposing their myopic and outright ignorance of the Oldest Stool in African history

We want to state unequivocally that if this orchestrated jangling discord is not checked with the right approach it demands,it is capable of swallowing the promoters of the dangling time bomb, beating them to their vulturine propensities.

Abdulrahman Adeiza must be told in clear terms that Igala Kingdom is above any political manoeuvring of the present occupant of the Lugard house and that the Ata Igala plays host to every living being in the State hence, EPA not only shut her door of ethnic affinity with the Igala nation but have succeeded in ridiculously playing the ostrich thereby shooting herself on the foot by taking the path of hooliganism, ethnic bigotry and sectional jingoist on the altar of reprehensive ignorance.

Historically, Igala kingdom stands tall with the likes of Oyo Empire, Benin Kingdom, Sokoto Caliphate and Bogu Empire before the shoddy Amalgamation that saw the birth of Nigeria in 1914.

The Ata stool was before any of the Chiefs in the state and shall continue to be in the future therefore, it’s distasteful and uncharitable for anyone with weird and wimpish political dubiety to drag the revered Stool to the mud through idiosyncratically notorious fallacy of ill-conceived rotation.

For the record,we want to warm EPA that Ata is not in competition with any other Chief in the State as they are all his subjects.
EPA should look elsewhere to find its mates in this direction as we will resist this notrieties.

IYLA is aware of the criminal ‘romans’ of EPA and the State government to cause instability and social unrest in the State through unguarded and weird policies to sooth the Central in their bid to reduce Igala to naught.

We are also aware that this unholy alliance has the backing of criminal elements in the North and elsewhere in the country but chose to remain calm as no one is an island of knowledge and with the monopoly of rascality.
We are monitoring the movement and would respond appropriately as event unfold knowing truly well that this attempt will fail to the chagrin of Igala detractors.

Rt.Hon.Chief Ojoachele Akor Felix
Speaker Igala Youth Leaders Assembly. IYLA.


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