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It is not enough to properly pack and pack things. Marking will help to make the process of unpacking things in a new house as easy as possible.

If there are no special fields for marking on the boxes you have purchased, then do not be too lazy to put marks yourself. The more detailed you sign the box, the more convenient it will be to find the necessary thing. Indicate the room / room from which these things were collected; a piece of furniture (things from a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or a nightstand, for example), the type of things (clothes, dishes, documents) and to which family member they belong.
Additionally, for clarity, you can use different colors of tape or markers, assigning each room its own color. So even with a cursory glance at the box it will be clear – things from which room are packed into it.
Correctly label packages with fragile, breakable items, use the inscription “glass” or special icons (glass or exclamation mark).
All boxes before moving must be signed from several sides.