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Mirror packing rules

Some people believe in omens, where a chip on a mirror can bring serious trouble. However, even if we discard all superstitions, a damaged item will not please its owner in any case. Best packers and movers know professionally how to handle mirrors during transportation. But a simple layman can easily make critical mistakes, which will negatively affect the state of the mirror.

One of the most important rules when transporting a mirror is its reliable packaging. Therefore, you should not save time on this process, it is best to do everything carefully. You should also not forget that before packing, you need to remove all accessories and decor from the mirror.

What to do with small instances?
Small mirrors are usually not a problem. They are best transported in a box with clothing. The most important thing is to put the box with the mirror in the car last and do not load anything from above. It is also recommended to wrap the mirror with a soft cloth or film, and fix such a wrapper with adhesive tape. All this will allow the mirror to maintain its ideal appearance even in the process of shaking on the road.

How to wrap large mirrors?
To pack a large mirror, you will need to spend a little more time. First, wrap the end of the product in paper and secure with adhesive tape. If the mirror has a frame, then it is recommended to apply strips of adhesive tape crosswise on its surface, while they must capture this very frame.

As for the packaging itself, you need to proceed as follows:

Wrap the mirror with film in several layers.
We place the product in a box or pack it in corrugated cardboard.
If it is planned to transport several mirrors of the same size at once, then thick sheets of paper must be laid between the products in the box and then fixed with adhesive tape.

In some cases, mirrors can be transported using foam. This option will be in no way inferior to transportation in a box. It is required to put sheets of foam on both sides of the mirror and fix them with adhesive tape.