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Moving during renovation

So repair.
You made up your mind and started preparing. We ordered a design project. Got the bill in order. Approved engineering plans. We found a company or a team of workers who are ready to entrust the transformation of the apartment. Well, it seems that the preparatory stage is almost completed and it will be possible to start soon. However, one important question remains to be solved – where and how will you and your family spend the repair time?

It is this question that should be addressed in the first place, and your choice will determine further actions. There can be a lot of options – it all depends on your priorities (for example, savings or comfort), opportunities and other factors. Let’s consider the main ones.

Renovated apartment
Well, this happens – people give up the idea of moving and stay in the apartment where the renovation is going on. This may be acceptable if the repair is planned to be cosmetic, without any noisy, dirty work and significant alterations. But be prepared for any kind of inconvenience. And your life will have to be adjusted to the progress of the repair work, and the repair will be adjusted taking into account your residence in the apartment. For example, it will not be possible to remove the flooring in the whole house at once – you will have to break the work into stages so that there is always a room suitable for life.

Relatives or friends
It’s great if you have relatives who are always ready to come to the rescue and shelter you for the duration of the work. The main plus is obvious – it’s free. And you definitely won’t be bored. Provided that relatives have enough space, and relations with them are built even and warm, this option can be very successful. However, there are many difficulties here. If there is not enough space for everyone and you have to crowd, if you or your loved ones prefer solitude and need personal space, if everyday habits do not match in some way, the risk of ruining relationships is great. You decide. Are you sure that friendship will stand the test of living together? Of the minuses – you will probably have to change your usual area of \u200b\u200bresidence. This means that getting to work, taking children to school or kindergarten, monitoring the progress of repair work may not be so convenient.

Another option is to rent an apartment. This is practical because you can find accommodation in your area. You won’t have to get used to a new place, change habits, routes, and it will be convenient to follow the progress of the repair. Depending on how you decide to organize the storage of your belongings during the renovation, you can choose an apartment with or without furniture. Minus – the cost. Many note that renting for a relatively short period (up to six months) is more expensive than a long-term rental. And not all landlords consider this option. So it is better to start searching in advance – there may not be a suitable apartment in your area.

Moving out of town
A great option for those who have a well-maintained dacha is to move out of town. Especially in the warm season. It’s free, you won’t have to crowd anyone, plus the opportunity to spend time outdoors. However, there are pitfalls here. You will have to travel to work from the region, there may be overlaps with visiting schools and kindergartens. Plus, the question of furniture storage remains open. And there is also a great risk that the repair will not be completed in the summer months. If the cottage is designed only for summer living and is not heated, problems may arise and the need to urgently look for an alternative solution to the housing issue.


According to various sources, up to 80% of repairs last longer than originally calculated. Make sure in advance that you will have the opportunity to extend your stay in temporary housing. Or consider a fallback.