NIGERIA @60 WHY CELEBRATE? (The Leadership Cauldron)

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Today Nigeria clocks 60 as a nation. A man of 60 is not just a man but a grandfather. When one is tempted to view the country from this prism, you’re bound to swim against the tide, especially in trying juxtapose between “growth and development” from the contextual morphology of the country’s voyage.
Despite the negative vibes oozing out the country to the rest of the world, the Nigeria(ns) should still celebrate, especially from the framework of the Nigeria “spirit of Resilience”.

Through my sojourn in the US, I’ve seen most Nigerians worked twice as hard more than other nationals, and at best, most are legitimately successful within a short span of time.

Where then is the missing link?

In as much as sound leadership has eluded the country, followership cannot be completely exonerated because bad leadership can only strive for long with a compromised and forlorn followership. However, within the confines of this write up, I’ll try to look at the success and failure of the Nigeria State from the content, character and capacity of our leaders.

No leader operates in a vacuum or isolation even if he’s a tin-pot dictator, he cannot rule alone, he must have advisers and other lesser officials whose every action or inaction contributes in one way to the success or failure of government. Remarkably however, such an unwieldy collection of wisdom and folly of a group of people is dominated entirely by the spirit and intelligence that the leader brings to bear on his job. Intelligence charts the direction of administration, spirit provides the motivation to follow the course so charted. A low level of intelligence makes a negative impression on the charted course of administration and the business of government wobbles. A high level of intelligence makes the big difference, the right course of government is charted and it is easy to see even in the early life of a government where it is going and why.
In the same way if the spirit is fresh and vital, it infuses life in the business of government, motivation of the electorates is high, and hope burns bright in the land.

The leader therefore needs both the spirit and the intelligence to succeed. A system where a people submit to be led has a built-in device for success. This is so because it allows for participation of many people down the ladder.

Even though if the leader lacks superior intelligence, he can still turn the table in his favour by infusing the system of government with his own spirit, others will provide the necessary intelligence to chart the direction of government.
It becomes a different ball game if the leader lacks the spirit, because he will not be able to motivate the people no matter the superiority of his intelligence or the sum-total of the intelligence of his close advisers. He’s not likely to carry the people along.
Nigeria must henceforth see the process of electing it’s leaders as life-examination whose outcome justifies if they live or perish!

Casandra Iye Oboni


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