Now that Adam has been chased out of the garden of Eden

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It’s a recorded biblical fact that as at the inception of mankind God created Adam and also gave him an abode at Eden Garden with clear cut regulations. Alas Adam fell by partaking in the forbidden fruit. The consequence resides as part of our history.
After decades of time, another Adam emerged, so favored by God despite his seeming low background.

Kogi State is agog today in Celebration. Nothing Spectacular happened in the State and we still dwell in absolute lack of development. The euphoria is an off shoot of an event.

Once upon a time, we were in a dire need for a Leader to fill into the gap of failed leadership. The process was screwed to the extent of what some people wanted was negated by retrogretive elements and what emerged was a charade.

In our journey to nationhood I found out that in our quest for self aggrandizement we have thrown caution to the wind.

Come to think of it, build up to Edo Governorship election, I did my findings. Amazingly, I kept on hearing that Obaseki is the most popular candidate, but Ize Iyamu will be announced. This assertion was mainly rooted from our own Kogi indigenes who believe so much in tatatarism.

Adams Oshiomole did not act like a Stateman in the process. He Advocated for the end of God fathersism and the people obliged him. He called Pastor all Manner of names he was endured. He acted irresponsible by going back to his vomit. I wonder how he may have handled the affairs of NLC during the time of OBJ.,So flippant!

The timely intervention of America”s Government and the position of Britsh Government sent fears into them. This is a confirmation of the assertion of the school of thought on recoloniziation. It took the statement of US and UK for our Leaders to sit up on electoral matters.

Finally, Mr. President please sign the electoral act and empower INEC to do the right things

Congrats Godwin for sending Adam out of the prestigious Garden of Eden.

Sam Jibrin a public affairs analyst


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