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The leadership of the above frontline groups met in Idah LGA today to dwell on several critical issues ranging from leadership to cooperations between the members of these groups.

The Leader of the Igala in Focus expressed disappointments over needless feuds and hatredness between members and called all the leaders and members to work together as a team and as a group.

The leader; Alhaji Alhaji in his keynote address contained in a news statement made available to media by the National Publicity Secretary of the Igala in Focus, Comrade Isah Wada Odaudu; the leader stated as follows;

“Iam always happy and amazed at your purposeful and ceaseless expressions of love, loyalty and respect for all the positive causes of all the Igala people”.

He spoke further;
“You have proven your supports to all the Igala political pursuits especially those that were mainly driven for the general improvements of the Igala people”.

“However; there are things some of us usually do that I detest and reject as a person”

Iam yet to know those things that are leading some of us to descend into an uncontrollable tendency involving exchange of abusive words on a platform like _IGALA IN FOCUS_ which was conceived and birthed as a platform for the purpose of uniting all the Igala people across Nigeria and all over the world irrespective of our political and religious differences. He charged those present at the meeting that partisanship and inflammatory statements are no longer welcome on our platform.

He also stated that; Igala in focus is beyond classical and ideological political phenomenon driven by partisan interests and showmanship.

_Igala in Focus_ overtly pursue objectivities in politics and economy for the growths and developments of our lands and it’s people. The group is also interested at suppressing subjectivities thereby allowing for easy interactions and cross fertilizations of positive ideas between members so as to push for the quick acceleration on matters of industrialisation of the Eastern flank of Kogi State.

The platform equally welcome healthy political interactions but shall frown holistically at the statements of the few people in our midst whose resolves in politics is to dominate their own people. Those of us here with the undettered resolves to always promote our principals with the ill conceived hatredness for other people should desist from such unwholesome attitudes.

There is no time for us to start blaming each other over our past political mistakes and miscalculations that have landed all the Igala people into political misfortunes. The task before the Igala in Focus at moment is to see that there is a workable unity of purpose between the Old and Young politicians from the Eastern part of the state. The youth must learn to respect and honour the elderly politicians from Igala-land. We are highly expecting all our political elders and top political leaders to respect such gestures from the youth and equally reciprocate them as appropriate for peace and unity to reign in our land. All the GYB and other supporters of Igala candidates most especially from the most populated Eastern part of the state must unite now so as put into extinction those hydraheaded political devilish and divisive concepts tagged Ene-Omune-me. This would finally provide an opportunity for the Ene-omuneme and Omayeme-me to unite into one powerful political bloc mainly to change the bad clutches of misgovernance by the APC led government in our dear state.

I want to onbehalf of the Leadership of Igala in Focus, do quickly thank all the Igala people across the state and other tribes from the two other senatorial districts who supported the Igala candidate during the september 16th, 2019 Governorship Elections. I want to equally thank the candidate of the PDP, Engr. Musa Wada during the last elections for his doggedness to challenge Alhaji Yahaya Bello through all the legal engagements over intimidations and electoral frauds experienced during this elections down to supreme courts.

Together each of us shall achieve more.


Hon. Alhaji Alhaji,

The Convener Igala in Focus.


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