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Proper packing for moving

So, you have to move. The date has been set, cars and movers have been ordered. It’s time to start the most time-consuming part of the move – packing things. It would seem that the matter is simple, but in reality you need to take into account a lot of points. After all, it is the right reliable packaging that will ensure the safety of your furniture or things, simplify loading and unloading, as well as unpacking things after moving, which means adaptation to a new place. Based on many years of practice and proven technology for packing our clients’ property before moving, we have compiled a list of important aspects and simple rules, and also added a couple of tricks and life hacks. Compliance with them will allow you not only to quickly and easily pack your things, but also greatly simplify the entire process of moving as a whole.

Selection of packaging materials

The first thing you should stock up on before moving is, of course, packing materials. Poor quality or unsuitable characteristics of the packaging will negate all your further efforts and will not ensure the protection of things. We have repeatedly written about what should be the optimal packing at the move. You can read more about the different types, pros or cons of packaging, as well as where you can buy it, here in this article, for example.

Let’s briefly summarize:

The most versatile type of packaging is specialized moving boxes made of dense multilayer corrugated cardboard, with detailed fields for marking.
An important point – provide materials for different things. In addition to standard boxes of various sizes and adhesive tape, stretch film, wardrobe boxes for transporting clothes on a hanger, air bubble wrap, protective profiles or “corners” may be required.
Some types of containers are not suitable for packing things when moving. These include, for example, bags, plastic bags.
If you find it difficult to calculate the amount of packaging, a convenient online calculator will come in handy. Another option is to ask for help from the manager of our company. He will figure out what things will need to be packed, quickly help you make the right calculation and prepare for the move.