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Without any attempt to sound offensive, the person who propagated this fallacy needs a bed space in the Psychiatric hospital.
What is the statistical basis backing such a jabber? The commissioned ‘Data Boys’ who are only interested in generating traffic on their timeline just to keep the data business going were so lazy to even think with their own brain to avoid sharing ridiculous contents that makes no meaning to sane minds.
I have served as a Technical Assistant to an office that is involved in Rural Development projects, my postings covered EIGHT (8) out of the NINE (9) Local governments in Igala Land, I have used all transportation channels available to enable me access most of the villages in these 8 LGAs, I have actively participated in two (2) major NEEDs ACCESSMENTS across Kogi State and Facility Inventory exercise in mostly all these LGAs, I have done ‘Community Engagements’ as part of my official routine in all these LGAs.
When I speak about the state of things in the villages of Igala land, I have first hand information gotten from the field.
When the supposed proponents of the NEW DIRECTION or NO DIRECTION government went to evaluate previous administrations in Kogi State based on Rural Electrification projects, without thinking That Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution remained on the ‘EXCLUSIVE LIST’, of the FG , how be it a Lie, the shallowness of their thinking is revealed.
I was not ready to offend any body, but those who believed/celebrated the cacophony that over 90% of Kogi east is in darkness also should be given a mattress at the reception of a Psychiatric hospital to watch their state of mind.
You don’t rise by pulling others down, an administration that have taken first position on mostly all negative indices can not be pardoned by peddling lies.
From the time of Late Audu as Governor of Kogi state , rural electrification was a prominent and reoccurring projects daily. And subsequent administrations took it further, how can someone postulate that over 90% of the land is in darkness just to guarantee the next meal. It is only cowards that points a left finger from a far to his father’s house. The trash should be given it’s rightful place in the dustbin.


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