Say No to Abortion

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Life is sacred
And must be treated as such.

So while you engage in efficacious pleasures of the body
Consummated in the spilling of juices and fertilization of eggs.
Bear in mind that GOD’S wonder is wrought at the moment of conception
And as such, the resultant gestation should not be toyed with.

Once that embryo is sown in it’s Oasis
A new life begins inside you
And remember “life is sacred”.

So if you insist on gamboling with the life you are supposed to nurture.
Then remember the words inscribed on the tablets of stone that were given to Moses on the mountain for it read “thou shalt not kill”.

For inasmuch as that little immature one is vulnerable and harmless
The great one who sits on his throne and who placed that tyke in your womb is not.

You will give account of your act of Injustice towards an unborn child
On that day of reckoning, when you shall stand before the great one, your creator.
And remuneration on that account shall you be subject to.
When the tortures and horrors of hell admit your soul.

udie ” Maximus” Boniface

Instagram: @Mazed_miind
Facebook: Maximus Udie


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