Tackling Environmental & Ecological Challenges in Igala land; challenge of contemporary developments

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Tackling Environmental & Ecological Challenges in Igala land; challenge of contemporary developments.
An environmentalist once said since a return to the Garden of Eden was no longer possible, there is natural obligation on man to create a semblance of it for better living standard. This truth dovetails and devolves on man, the ultimate beneficiary of planned and clean environment without prejudice to public responsibility of Government. It is empirical and trite too that modern governments have become passive and indifferent even to ecological challenges beyond the powers of the individuals.
Ours in Igala land demands imperatives of community approach to ameliorating or solving the hydra- headed problems.
At the root of the matter is lack of planning; expansionism without developments of our emerging cities who crawling to urbanisation.
It is appalling that the extant infrastructures that existed in the 70s and early ’80s are extincted leaving even metropolitan towns like, Idah, Ankpa, Dekina, Anyigba, etc.at the mercy of heaven.
Our emerging rural communities are not adopting any set pattern of developmental settlements even now. How can we explain massive expansion of towns without allowances for roads, streets, etc. To talk of earmarking lands for social centres is day dreaming. Infact, in most communities, lands hosting social centres like schools, markets and worship centers have been encroached upon by the present generation. Not only have we failed to preserve what we inherited, we are looking away from creating new ones. The culprits are not only the unllettemered men, but certain men who saw the four walls of schools, have been to cities and even travelled
The vogue today, world over is sustainable development; a developmental approach that taps into largesse of the present and reserves for the future benefits.
Ecological Challenges spill over to inaccessible roads, blocked and or non existence road drainages and percolating waters and sand dunes on our roads, etc.
Ironically most detest this, feel the impacts on these on our vehicles and health, yet waiting for the messiah coming from wherever.
These challenges aren’t overwhelming , neither do we lack the capacity to salvage.
Community Development Associations( CDA), religious bodies, youth Organisations, corporate institutions and activists must rise to lead the way.
Local Councils must stick out their necks to give policy directions and supervisions.
We are all heading to lowest deep if we don’t speak out as advocates of community by community alternative and approach.

* Just venturing into Environmental Rights Advocacy.


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