The Ugly Echoes From Lekki TollGate

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Title: *October_20_2020*

Gunshots rent the air
Guns puffing out smokes
While souls leave their earthly hosts.

Children slaughtered
Under the permission of their supposed guardians.
Fine boys and girls bathed in blood
Men and women, in death they drop.

All they requested they did as peaceful as they could
But all they got from their caretakers were slaptags, turning them to targets for the bullets.

In fighting for our rights they tried to show us who is right.
Blood of our comrades, we must not allow to spill in vain.
At first we thought we were dying a slow death.
Headshot from a distance got brother’s brain all over the pavement.

The land of my birth
Has turned into a land of innocent deaths.
As death tolls rise
My hope for this country’s salvation dies.

Arise o compatriots they made us sing
But we rose only to be faced with death.
Nigerians have called in vain
A revolution I see pre-laid.

A mazed mind has shared his pains
Every word from the abyss of his sorrows
Weeping from the pain in his chest.

Our Father’s land they nicknamed it
But a Badland they have rebranded it.
You have taken that of another away
Yours shall and must be taken away.

©A mazed miind.
Udie “Maximus” Boniface.


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